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PLUNGE+ POOLS                                                                                                                                                   

We are excited to announce we are now designing and installing Plunge+ Pools from Hyannis! to Provincetown.

These amazing concrete pools are the world’s strongest, most durable precast pools.

Plunge+ Pools – are typically small in nature and can double as a hot tub – They are the fastest growing category of pools on the market.

Their small size and lower cost are a perfect fit for smaller yards and budgets. With these pools you spend
less time and cost maintaining, so you
can spend more time enjoying your pool.



The Plunge+ Pools are currently available in 7’x13’, 9’x16’, 9’x21’! The 9’x16’ pool is 58% larger than any other precast Plunge+ Pool on the market and the 9’x21’ will be more than double the size of the competitor’s largest offering.


7' x 13'

9' x 16'


9' x 21'


9' x 21'

with hot tub option


The design allows us to build the largest, most customizable precast plunge pool available. Every pool is manufactured in a state-of-the-art NPCA-Certified facility to exacting standards. And our unique design allows us to offer nearly every custom feature that is available in our larger, more traditional pools in these smaller, more compact pools.


Do you want a pool for this spring or summer? That's not a problem! This streamlined process allows for the quickest installation time in the business.


Once permitted, we can install your Plunge+
Pool literally in days! Rather than rely on inexperienced subcontractors, every one of our pools is installed by our own professional,
in-house crews. Our project managers and seasoned installers will help make the process fun and smooth without any unnecessary delays waiting for subcontractors.

We'll help you get ready for summer!

Please let us know your location and the time frame you would like installation. We will get in touch with you quickly so we cab help you design your very own Plunge+ Pool.

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