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What to do to keep your lawn looking great in late summer

August is here and it’s back to school time. But fall is still over seven weeks away.

What to do to keep your lawn looking great in late summer

August is here and it’s back to school time. But fall is still over seven weeks away. Plenty of time to enjoy your backyard and continue to host neighborhood parties. Sure, your flowers might not look as fresh as they did in early June, but keeping your lawn and landscaping nicely groomed is possible and truly the key to enjoying the rest of the season. Putting focuson your flowers, lawn, landscape and patio will help your home stay and look great well into winter.

Refresh your flower beds

There are many beautiful flowers to enjoy during August’s unrelentingly hot days and we aren’t talking mums just yet. Perennials such as Woods Blue asters, goldenrod, Russian sage and Hardy Hibiscus can fill your beds with joy even as some of your annuals are looking tired and leggy and brown-edged. Shrubs that continue to bloom and show off their glory in late summer include Cape Cod’s faithful friends,Panicle Hydrangeasand Blue Beard (Caryopteris) a compact, deciduous shrub that will provide a bounty of dark blue flowers throughout the end of summer into the fall.

Give your lawn some love

Your home deserves a lawn that is picture-perfect all year round. Grass is one of those parts of your landscape that usually isn’t noticed unless it’s scraggly. Then it stands out glaringly and ruins the neatest of flower and shrub beds. Keeping your grass mowed at the proper length (not too short) on a consistent schedule will keep your place neat and tidy. In addition to unkempt grass, weeds, pests, and fungal diseases can wreak havoc on your lawn and curb appeal.A professional landscaper can keep your lawnwell-manicured. Look for a company that provides turn-key services to oversee every aspect of your yard.

Maintain your landscape

Just like the grass, your landscape needs continued maintenance. Unsightly annuals need to be removed. Perennials and shrubs and trees need to be divided and pruned on a regular basis. Removing broken, dead and weak branches will set your plants and trees up to be stronger and safer in the winter climate. Wemeet with clients who are either intimidated by hedge trimmers or so enamored with them that they don’t know when to stop. Again, we recommend leaving pruning and dividing to the experts who know what needs to happen when and how to provide you with a polished, professional look.

Pay attention to your paths, porches and patios

If your decking looks like it needs some TLC, don’t wait for next spring to attend to it. Repairing it now instead of waiting, will keep it from further deterioration over the winter and also make it more inviting for fall gatherings. Look for cracks on your walkways and concrete patios while the weather allows for it. A professional landscaper who handles hardscaping is a great resource to keep all of your outdoor entertainment areas in tip-top shape and allow you to continue to enjoy the season as well as be ready for spring.

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