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Raise the standard of backyard parties with a Plunge+ pool

If you’re thinking about having an inground pool installed on your Down Cape property, you probably have questions and concerns. Zoning laws. Environmental footprint. Water usage. Maintenance. Landscaping. Budget.

Raise the standard of backyard parties with a Plunge+ pool

These and other considerations factor into the decision to install an inground pool. Is the luxury of having a swimming pool in your backyard worth the cost, concern and hassle? If you go with a Plunge+ plunge pool, the answer is yes.

As a homeowner on the Cape, it’s awesome that you’re concerned about the environment. After all, this slice of heaven is precious and it’s important to keep it that way. With a Plunge+ plunge pool, you can have all the fun and beauty of an inground pool and be environmentally friendly as well.

You may be wondering: What is a plunge pool?

Plunge pools are the newest, fastest growing type of inground pools in the country. A plunge pool is essentially a smaller version of a traditional pool where you and your friends and family can still dip in to cool off in the privacy of your own backyard. In traditional pools, many people spend their time in the shallow end hanging out with their friends. A Plunge+ pool gives you the benefits of the “shallow end” with minimal upkeep. You get the fun without the extra water, extra maintenance, and other operating costs of a larger pool. Another benefit people love about Plunge+ pools is they can also be used as hot tubs in cooler weather. This allows you to start the fun earlier in the spring and keep it going longer in the fall.

An inground pool is a long-term investment. Many of the choices you make up front will remain with you long after the kids are grown. Location. Size. Type. Depth. Decking. Where to put the plumbing. The type of pool you choose. The materials that go into construction of your pool are extremely important and make a huge difference in terms of durability and lowering your seasonal maintenance.

Plunge+ is a premium plunge pool that is the largest, most customizable precast plunge pool in the world. Plunge+ has a patented, modular construction process and is impeccably engineered with superior materials. A Plunge+ pool can fit virtually anywhere and can be installed in days instead of weeks. Its size and construction cut down on installation time with minimal disruption to your yard. In fact, a Plunge+ pool enhances your yard. It has a three-dimensional textured finish that mirrors nature and can blend into your surroundings. This gives you an immersive garden that is a top trend in landscaping.

Your home is a reflection of you, and you deserve the luxury you’re used to. A Plunge+ pool will enhance your landscaping with sophistication, elegance and quality. Whether it’s lounging poolside or on a tanning ledge with friends, you can entertain with confidence. Plunge+ will provide season after season of beauty and relaxation. When you’re ready to raise the standard for Down Cape parties, consider a Plunge+ pool.

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