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First-Class Landscaping Provides the Luxurious Look of Cape Cod Homes

First-Class Landscaping Provides the Luxurious Look of Cape Cod Homes

Great design is in the details and that extends outside of your house to your lawn. When landscaped, hardscaped and furnished correctly, so-so suddenly becomes spectacular. Whether it’s your summer retreat or full-time residence, your Cape Cod home reflects you, both on the inside and outside. And the outside is what people see first.

Here are five ideas to turn your outdoors into a magnificent extension of your house.

Select One Décor Style

With so many décor choices available these days, sticking with one primary style can be a challenge. Beginning with your patio, select décor and colors that reflect your personality, and choose one overriding theme. Coordinate furniture and fabrics along with the hardscapes and even surrounding plants to set your place apart. You can certainly mix older pieces with new. But go for unifying elements, such as painting them all the same color, or using the same fabric for cushions and pillows. Chairs and sofas, coffee and side tables, and rugs and pillows shouldn’t be too matchy-matchy, but you do want a cohesive look that is relaxing. Creating one major theme will pull your various elements together and give you seamless, timeless, relaxing beauty that will be in style for many seasons.

Create Distinct Zones

Today’s high-end outdoor rooms go way beyond a table and chairs. Go for defined spaces for different activities such as dining, lounging and playing games. Your goal is to group and arrange furniture and rugs along with plants and walkways to delineate each space. Landscaping details should serve as anchors and guides for the flow of traffic. The right mix of hardscape and landscape will blend in with your furnishings to create a room that feels like an extension of your indoors.

Make a Grand First Impression with the Entrance

Go for the wow factor by ensuring your guests know they are entering a special place when they visit your backyard. Set the tone by arranging both inground and potted plants in a welcoming way along the path to the patio. Hardware, sometimes the last thing on the list, can add or detract to your upscale look. Door knobs, wall sconces and outdoor fans, if outdated, can diminish even the most spectacular stone or tiled patio. If your budget doesn’t include brand-new fixtures, a coat of black spray paint can work wonders in providing a new finish and new look.

Add Lighting

Extend those summer gatherings with lighting. We advise sticking with soft white or golden lighting. Other colors will end up looking harsh and like the holidays. Lighting that borders walkways and landscape edges provides both beauty and safety. Add to your manicured look by spotlighting special trees and shrubs. And go for ambience where you will gather. Globe string lighting is an elegant trend that provides a cozy, warm space for evening parties.

Keep it in Tip Top Shape

One of the quickest ways to increase curb appeal is to mow the lawn. Shaggy grass and shrubs will ruin the most sophisticated landscaping in a heartbeat. The small details make the difference, so keep shrubs and grass neatly trimmed and mowed. Hiring a professional landscaper will ensure that your lawn is mowed on a consistent schedule so you never have to worry about a messy yard.

Be sure to keep your guests safe by checking and repairing cracked and loose stonework or wood decking. Besides making your outdoor oasis look rundown, these are true safety hazards and the last thing you want your guests to encounter. If the hardscape isn’t damaged but just looks dated, consider brick and stone stencils or cement stains. These will give you a luxe look until your budget allows for masonry re-dos.

If your budget allows, we recommend hiring a professional landscaper before you tackle any of these projects. The landscape and hardscape serve as the foundation for everything else. Professionals can save your time and money because they work with you to create a detailed plan before you make the first purchase. Then they will handle the entire job to fashion your yard into a remarkable, breathtaking retreat that will last for season after season.

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