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Trends in landscaping for 2023

Natural materials and native plants provide a classic, organic and lush setting for the Cape Cod home. Terms like low carbon and eco-conscious materials are the new catchphrases in landscaping. And the common theme is sustainability.

Trends in landscaping for 2023

Grasses, perennials and vines indigenous to the area paired artistically and professionally with reclaimed or salvaged materials provide an inviting oasis that helps the environment. Does this sound familiar? Important trends for landscaping services in 2023 have caught up with what Cape Codders have known all along.
As spring starts sprouting, you’ll see a focus on the environment in almost every aspect of landscaping. Trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflowers native to Cape Cod have been the norm and the trend to use native plants is catching on across the U.S. When done right, other trends such as entangled design, immersive gardens and water and fire elements and metals can take the Cape Cod landscape to an eye-popping, beautiful new level.
Consider these touches to showcase your home:
• Immersive Gardens
Using neutral colors and raw textures allows a garden to blend in with nature and highlights the beauty of both the landscape and hardscape. Immersive gardens are also called curated wilding or nature-scaping and are emerging as a top landscape design trend. They allow you to move effortlessly and smoothly from one aesthetic to another. Hardscapes like low stone walls might meld with gravel paths that are laced with soft ground covers.

• Entangled Design
Also known as biophilic design, entangled design combines the surrounding landscape with hardscapes for a natural, organic look. Entangled gardens are planned to make hardscapes look like part of the landscape as if they were always together. One example is pulling elements such as fire pits or fireplaces into the surrounding terrace, shrubs and flower beds for a seamless, interwoven look.

• Fire and Water Elements
The warmth of fire allows homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces earlier in the spring and later into the fall. Landscape designs now incorporate fire pits, fireplaces and fire bowls as focal points. Small ponds, fountains, water bowls and waterfalls add beauty and relaxation to any garden. Water features can be integrated with vegetation as well as fire features for a striking design. Both fire and water features can turn your space into an oasis that draws guests into a cozy circle making for great conversation.

• Metals in the Mix
Different materials, when incorporated creatively and appropriately, can add dramatic touches to your outdoor spaces. Metals are having a big moment in the landscape world. Planter bowls and boxes can serve as dramatic focal points as metals blend with foliage. Metals are also being used as shade structures and artistic features adding interesting depth and dimension to gardens.

• Defined Spaces
The long-loved patio has transformed to expand your home to the outdoors with kitchens, family rooms and even offices. By adding efficient, environmentally friendly outdoor heaters you keep the garden parties going long after the season, adding months to the time to enjoy your landscaped rooms.
Sustainability might be trending across the U.S, but it’s not new to the Cape. Natural, organic beauty abounds as ecological landscaping has been the norm here. Incorporating a few of the exciting, new trends of 2023 can help you enjoy your outdoor haven like never before and keep the local ecological traditions alive and well. All it takes is a keen, fresh vision and expert landscaping services to create and fulfill your plan to your exacting specifications.

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