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Add Ooomph to your Memorial Day Weekend with a Landscaping Refresh

The party is a few days away and suddenly you realize your patio is bare other than tables and chairs. There is still time to add pizzazz to your home with a landscaping refresh.

First-Class Landscaping Provides the Luxurious Look of Cape Cod Homes

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Raise the standard of backyard parties with a Plunge+ pool

If you’re thinking about having an inground pool installed on your Down Cape property, you probably have questions and concerns. Zoning laws. Environmental footprint. Water usage. Maintenance. Landscaping. Budget.

Plunge Pool

Ready, Set, Party in the Pool

Memorial Day is a few weeks away, and with it, the kick-off to summer on the Cape. As preparations for your party heat up, we have a few tips to take the pressure off so you can be free to have fun.

Tips for keeping your landscaping maintained on the Cape

Your landscape is always changing. You might not notice it on an everyday basis, but your landscape is a living entity where plants grow, some flower and seed, and some die.

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Trends in landscaping for 2023

Natural materials and native plants provide a classic, organic and lush setting for the Cape Cod home. Terms like low carbon and eco-conscious materials are the new catchphrases in landscaping. And the common theme is sustainability.


What to do to keep your lawn looking great in late summer

August is here and it’s back to school time. But fall is still over seven weeks away.

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